Doug’s Coffee Break

A short daily devotional that is inspirational and uplifting. Once you grab your favorite brew of coffee, join Doug for a challenging insight in God’s Word in the time you can consume your favorite cup. Actually, it may be faster than you can put it away.

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24 hours ago

In today's episode Doug comments on James' idea of judging others. This topic immediately follows James' discussion of the need for humility and cleansing. Join Doug today in this discussion of humility.

2 days ago

In today's Coffee Break Doug discusses our response in looking at ourselves in a well-lit mirror. We desire to remove any dirt that we find. James says the same thing regarding our closeness to the Father, we desire cleanliness. Find our more in today's episode.

5 days ago

In today's Coffee Break Doug gets a little hung up on translating verse 5 but verse 6 is crystal clear. In the end our humility, or pridefullness, is important to God. Join Doug today in James 4:5-6.

6 days ago

In today's Coffee break Doug continues the thought of not having because of not asking (with the right heart). If today's verses James becomes forceful in his rebuke to the recipients of the letter. Join Doug as he processes verses 3 and 4 of chapter 4.

7 days ago

Today Doug opens up a new chapter in James. James once again begins the chapter with a rhetorical question. What causes fights amongst us? Join Doug today with a view of these great verses!

Tuesday Apr 16, 2024

In today's episode Doug closes chapter 3 of the book of James. It is here that James discusses wisdom after speaking about careful control over our words. He beautifully ties this subject to to Spiritual Maturity.

Monday Apr 15, 2024

In today's episode Doug identifies much of what goes on today in our hearts. Join him as he looks at envy, strife, and jealousy in James 3:15-16.

Friday Apr 12, 2024

In today's episode Doug talks about the attitude of the heart. We are still under the umbrella of wisdom in James' letter and today he addresses jealousy and envy. Join Doug today as he looks at James 3:14.

Thursday Apr 11, 2024

In today's episode James illustrates the difference between wisdom and knowledge and asks his readers to show and tell. Join Doug today in James 3:13.

Wednesday Apr 10, 2024

In today's episode Doug discusses James' series of questions about what item can produce what product. As true believers can we consistently live a hypocritical life? Join Doug today in James 3:11-12.

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