Doug’s Coffee Break

A short daily devotional that is inspirational and uplifting. Once you grab your favorite brew of coffee, join Doug for a challenging insight in God’s Word in the time you can consume your favorite cup. Actually, it may be faster than you can put it away.

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3 days ago

In today's episode Doug discusses the third condemnation mentioned by Paul in Romans 1. Join with Doug with your favorite cup of coffee for today's Coffee Break.

4 days ago

In today's Coffee Break Doug breaks down Romans 1:19-20 where Paul states that through the things that have been made (created) humanity is without excuse to the existence of a Holy God. Join in the discussion on this important topic.

5 days ago

In today's episode Doug looks at Romans 1:18. In this verse Paul starts a list of condemnations that we need to look intently into. Join Doug today in today's Coffee Break.

6 days ago

In today's episode Doug breaks down the verses in Romans 1:16-17 where Paul states that Jesus came first for the Jew and then the Gentile. The Gospel is believed to be a part of the theme to Paul's letter, but in reality it is the faith where righteousness is revealed. Join Doug in today's Coffee Break!

7 days ago

In today's episode Doug discusses Romans 1:8-15 and how that can apply to us today.

Friday May 10, 2024

In today's episode Doug starts a new book, Romans. He gives a brief introduction and covers the first seven verses.

Thursday May 09, 2024

In today's episode Doug continues the discussion of praying over the weak. Join Doug today in the study of James 5:16-18.

Wednesday May 08, 2024

In today's episode Doug discusses the ending of the book of James and the encouragement James left to his readers. Grab a cup of coffee and spend a few minutes with the same encouragement this morning.

Tuesday May 07, 2024

In today's episode Doug talks about the mistranslated verses of James 5:14-15. In these verses James states that the sick should call the elders of the church and have them pray over them and anoint them with oil. In that passage James says they will be healed. In reality we have seen this happen many times and healing of the disease does not come. This begs the idea we may not be reading this passage correctly. Who are the sick? Join Doug today with your favorite cup of coffee and God's Word as he talks about what these verses mean.

Monday May 06, 2024

In today's episode Doug asks the question that James is asking, do we pray in difficulties AND praise in sufficiency?

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